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VYROX Wireless Smart Home Solution

Vyrox™ Smart House System

Product Description

Control every single electronic and electrical device of the building (house) using any web enabled devices, voices, gestures, motions and SMS at anywhere and anytime using Vyrox Smart House System. Such as lighting, air conditioner, TV, satellite TV decoder, sound system, DVD player, CD player, curtain, blind, sun-shader, valve, door lock, surveillance camera, gate, etc. Monitor and secure the house using the integrated web-based CCTV cameras and get notified by SMS & emails if any of the alarm is triggered by sensors of motion, vibration, rain, gas and smoke.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 150mm (Length) X 115mm (Width) X 20mm (Depth).
  • Wired Relays Controls: 8 controls, 220V, 10A, Max. Power: 2200W.
  • Wireless Radio Frequency Controls: 80 commands.
  • Infrared Controls: 50 commands.
  • One Touch Automation: 8 controls, max. 50 steps.
  • Schedule Automation: 8 controls, repeat daily/weekly, date & time basis.
  • 8 Wired/Wireless Zones Alarm
  • Sensor Automation: magnetic, motion, temperature, gas, smoke & vibration.
  • Power Supply: 12V, 2A.

Control Interfaces

Vyrox Smart House Latest Interface
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod)
  • Android (Mobiles & Tablets)
  • PC
  • Apple MAC

Compatible Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Any browser with HTML & Javascript support



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Last Update: 15th November 2011 (2.36MB |.PDF)

Vyrox Smart House Concept Philosophy

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Vyrox Smart House Concept Philosophy

Last Update: 17th November 2011

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